Apollo JetBike – World’s First Jet Engine-Powered Flying Motorcycle!

28 February 2017

Straight out of a science fiction film comes the Apollo JetBike, the world’s first jet engine-powered flying motorcycle. We have been holding back the JetBike’s release as we have been conducting flight and control testing. Endless hours of design, manufacturing, testing, and re-design have finally brought to the air something that seemed impossible. Now that … Continue reading “Apollo JetBike – World’s First Jet Engine-Powered Flying Motorcycle!”

Apollo Turbine JetPack

28 February 2017

Photos and Video Coming Soon! With 10 years of experience performing stunts and shows around the world with rocket-powered jetpacks, the time has come to release a revolution in longer, higher, faster backpack flying machines: the Apollo Turbine JetPacks! A flight time of 10 minutes, at altitudes of up to 10,000 feet, and the latest … Continue reading “Apollo Turbine JetPack”

Underwater Launch Stunt – Apollo JetPack

23 August 2016

JetPack International’s default sponsor, Apollo Energy Gum, was the focus of an ambitious jetpack stunt in August. Straight from the Flight Lab, the idea of launching the jetpack from underwater had been tossed about, and the more thinking that went into it, the more …

Two JetPacks at Once for Vonage Business

29 June 2016

What gets more attention that a jetpack? Two jetpacks! When VOIP service provider wanted to announce their new high-tech business offering, the idea for “Office Takeover” was born. As office workers arrived on-site for their daily grind, they were amazed by many high-tech …

Samsung – Galaxy S7 Launch in Ireland

9 March 2016

How do you showcase your company’s newest technology offerings and gain millions of dollars of free press? With a jetpack, of course! The Jet P.I. team was invited to perform a series of stunts in Ireland on behalf of Samsung to draw attention to the launch of their newest …

Singularity Conference in Beijing

11 July 2015

We had the great honor of being invited to speak as well as perform a JetPack International flight at the Singularity Conference hosted by Baidu & GeekPark in Beijing. GeekPark is a nationally renowned tech media and event organizer, striving to provide services for innovators and entrepreneurs to accelerate their product success. Singularity was first initiated … Continue reading “Singularity Conference in Beijing”

The Smithsonian “The Future Is Now” Festival

19 May 2014

The Smithsonian’s annual “The Future Is Now” Festival is one of the biggest celebrations of modern and future technology in the world. In 2014, JetPack International was invited to perform a special flight for the Smithsonian’s festival and media release. The JetPack International pilot launched from a platform overlooking the museum and flew around the … Continue reading “The Smithsonian “The Future Is Now” Festival”

Flying the Olympic Torch

3 July 2012

Very few people can claim to have held the Olympic Torch, and only one man in history has ever carried the torch while flying through the air on a jet pack. In 1984, pilot Bill Suitor flew one of the original jet pack models at the Los Angeles Olympics. 28 years later, JetPack International had the honor … Continue reading “Flying the Olympic Torch”

World Speed Record

10 May 2009

JetPack International has broken a lot of records over the years. This flight was one of the most fun records to break. Fighting am 8mph headwind, JetPack International set the world speed record on May 10, 2009 at Scotland’s official motor show, MotorFair. JetPack International Pilot Eric Scott clocked in at an incredible 68mph in the hydrogen-peroxide … Continue reading “World Speed Record”

World Record – Flying Across the Royal Gorge

24 November 2008

JetPack International holds a number of world records, but no flight has been so unbelievable or so dangerous as the record-breaking flight across the Royal Gorge. Pilot Eric Scott flew an incredible 1,500 feet (over a quarter of a mile) across the Royal Gorge in Colorado in a death-defying . At 1,153 feet above the Arkansas river … Continue reading “World Record – Flying Across the Royal Gorge”