10 May 2009

World Speed Record

JetPack International has broken a lot of records over the years. This flight was one of the most fun records to break.

Fighting am 8mph headwind, JetPack International set the world speed record on May 10, 2009 at Scotland’s official motor show, MotorFair. JetPack International Pilot Eric Scott clocked in at an incredible 68mph in the hydrogen-peroxide powered JetPack.

“I knew this was going to be a special weekend for breaking records,” said the JetPack International Pilot.“’Knockhill’ is a great location and when the weather improved, it was all about going fast!”

Not only do JetPack International and Eric hold the world speed record, but also the world record for the longest flight. Check out the video of Eric’s flight across the Royal Gorge here.

JetPack International also made history in November of 2008 when a new world record for the farthest Jet Pack flight was successfully made 1,500 feet across the Royal Gorge in Canon City, Colorado, at an amazing 1,053 feet above the canyon floor. Click here to watch that video!