28 February 2017

Apollo Turbine JetPack

Photos and Video Coming Soon!

With 10 years of experience performing stunts and shows around the world with rocket-powered jetpacks, the time has come to release a revolution in longer, higher, faster backpack flying machines: the Apollo Turbine JetPacks! A flight time of 10 minutes, at altitudes of up to 10,000 feet, and the latest in turbojet technology answer the dream of personal flight. Can you own one? Yes. Send us an email. We are now accepting production orders for Apollo Turbine JetPacks. JetPack Training Camp and fully customized corset and harness are included with every new order in 2017.

Apollo Flight Labs in Denver, Colorado is home base for JetPack International. All machine design, assembly, and maintenance is performed in-house and is the idea factory from which our versions of human flight are born. Our dreams have never stopped with jetpacks. Apollo Flight Labs is constantly buzzing with new ideas, and a normal day for the team often includes thinking of an idea, designing it in 3D just moments later, building prototypes and mock-ups, and testing everything from rocket and jet engines to flight control systems.