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We're experienced events professionals who have flown for 100's of crowds and brands at locations inside and out, all over the world. Have an idea? We'll help you make it a reality.

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    Fully Customizable

    Want the JetPacks and pilots to sport your brand? Contact us for custom branding options. Our JetPack performances can include stunts, multiple pilot and machine capabilities, underwater launches, boat races, water displays, fountain shows, water park entertainment, and more!

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    We can help you get even more media coverage for your brand or event. Book our JetPacks for any number of special events, including event kickoffs, grand openings, product launches, start of races, and more!

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    Multiple Machines & Pilots

    Multiple pilots and machine capabilities - We offer demonstrations of The JetPacks, Turbine JetPacks, and JetBike to make simultaneous or sequential flights possible at your event.

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    Worldwide Publicity - Wherever you are in the world, we can get there.